Toward Open Christianity Bard College

Schedule of Events

April 13 – 15, 2007

The following schedule is only preliminary. A number of workshops, liturgies, spiritual activities and roundtable discussions will be added, as the program develops.

The symposium schedule identifies events under three broad (and overlapping) rubrics:

  • Sessions: feature intellectual (academic, scholarly) presentations
  • Creative Openings: feature spiritual, artistic, and liturgical expressions to engage the body and spirit, as well as the mind
  • Workshops: feature practical dimensions of engagement with the contemporary world

Friday, April 13, 2007

7:00 pm
Session I. Keynote Address: Reinventing Christianity for our Post-Modern Times
Campus Center, Multipurpose Room
  • Matthew Fox, Founding President, University of Creation Spirituality and President and Founder, Friends of Creation Spirituality.
9:00 pm
Creative Openings I
Chapel of the Holy Innocents
  • Toward a New Christian Poetics. Andrew McCarron, Teacher of Religion, Trinity School, New York City.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

8:15 am
Creative Openings II: Opening the Day
Chapel of the Holy Innocents
  • Suzanne Guthrie, Episcopal Chaplain at Cornell University
9:00 am
Session II. Historical Perspectives
Campus Center, Multipurpose Room
  • "Christianity's Road Not Taken: James, the brother of Jesus, and the Christian Judaism of the early Centuries"Bruce D. Chilton, Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Religion; Executive Director of the Institute of Advanced Theology; and Chaplain of the College, Bard College
  • "What has the Enlightenment to do with the Reformation? Religion as Revealed, as Rational, and as Historical." Paul E. Capetz, Associate Professor of Historical Theology, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.
10:00 am
Creative Openings III: Mandala Making
Chapel of the Holy Innocents
  • Stephen McDonnell, psychotherapist in private practice, Washington, D.C.
11:30 am
Campus Center, Multipurpose Room
Box lunch available ($10 per person) Symposium meals will provide opportunities for individuals to meet with others who share similar interests, e.g., religious pluralism, political activism, sexuality.
1:00 pm
Session III. Maintaining Religious Principles in Public Life
Campus Center, Multipurpose Room
3:00 pm
Workshop: How do we organize politically within the framework of an open Christianity? Or do we?
Campus Center, Second Floor Terrace
  • Pat Kelly, '10, Bard College.

3:00 pm
Creative Openings IV: Inspirational Yoga
Campus Center, Red Room 202
  • Brenda DeMartine, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Millbrook, NY
4:30 pm
Session IV. 'Open' Christianity? Open How? How Open?
Campus Center, Multipurpose Room
  • Paul E. Murray, Catholic Chaplain and Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion, Bard College
6:30 pm
Campus Center, Multipurpose Room
Buffet Dinner available ($15 per person)
7:30 pm
Session V. Homosexuality in Contemporary Christianity.
  • "Homoerotic Orthodoxy and the Crisis of the Churches." Jeffrey J. Kripal, J. Newton Rayzor Professor and Chair of Religious Studies, Rice University
  • "Homosexuality, Ideology and Science." Christine E. Gudorf, Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Florida International University
  • William E. Hood, Mildred C. Jay Professor of Art History, Oberlin College
9:15 pm
Creative Openings V: Gathering of Dreamers and Visionaries: an end of day time to share stories, dreams, and imaginings.
Chapel of the Holy Innocents
  • Stephen McDonnell, psychotherapist in private practice, Washington, D.C.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

8:15 am
Creative Openings VI: Opening the Day
Chapel of the Holy Innocents
  • Suzanne Guthrie, Episcopal Chaplain at Cornell University
9:00 am
Session VI. Christian Participation in Pluralistic Communities
Campus Center, Multipurpose Room
  • "We Contain Multitudes." Scott Holland, Associate Professor of Theology & Culture at Bethany Theological Seminary in partnership with Earlham School of Religion; Contributing Editor to CrossCurrents; and Lead Minister at the Monroeville Church, Pittsburgh, PA
  • "Open to the Future in Faith and Unity." Sidney Callahan, author, lecturer, college professor, and licensed psychology. Paul J. McKeever Chair of Moral Theology, St. John's University, Queens, and Professor of Psychology with Tenure at Mercy College,.
10:30 am
Workshop: Interfaith Ministry
Campus Center, George Ball Lounge
Roundtable discussion led by the Chaplaincy of Bard College:
  • The Rev. Dr. Bruce Chilton
  • The Rev. Ginger Grab
  • Rabbi Lawrence Troster
  • Imam Salahuddin Muhammad
  • Father Paul Murray
12:00 pm
Session VII. Concluding Session
Panel discussion with a practical focus

Campus Center, Multipurpose Room
  • E. Mark Stern, psychotherapist, Rhinebeck, NY
  • Carolyn DeWald, Professor of History, Director of the Classical Studies Program, Bard College
  • Patrick Paglen, '07, Bard College

Toward Open Christianity
A Symposium on Christ
in a Pluralistic World
April 13-15, 2007
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